Welcome to CyberHub Summit

CyberHub Summit was established out of a desire to share knowledge and solutions of cybersecurity around the world. Cyber threats are real, and CyberHub summit is committed to be the main source of solutions for companies to protect their business and people. CyberHub Summit will provide its clients and attendees the highest level of integrity, customer service, knowledge and value.

Our Passion is a safer world! We want you to take the offensive in your approach to Cyber security and connect with the people and products of Cyber security. In a digitally disruptive business environment, deterring, preventing and detecting cyber security breaches is of paramount importance. Cyberhub Summit will provide attendees with a chance to learn about the latest innovations and solutions from the global cyber community. This is a provocative and exciting opportunity to meet and mingle with decision-makers and game-changers from the industry. Eminent spokespeople and panelists discuss Cyber threats and strategies for a variety of business sectors. Embrace the latest in disruptive technology in an incredible conference focusing on B2B networking and B2C partnering.

Cyberhub Summit is a proud woman owned and lead organization.



Karin Zalcberg

Founder & CEO of CyberHub Summit

“Hearing about cyber threats and cyber breach around the world affects me personally. I’m very concerned about what is happening to society, it is an evil crime. Individuals are driven by terrorism ideology, illegal espionage, and monetary extortion. So I decided to take action. This November we are hosting an international cybersecurity summit in Atlanta. My vision is for startup companies who have brilliant minds to share their knowledge, promote awareness and offer solutions for all the attendees. Experts and Fortune 500 corporations will be providing experience and advanced solutions. Our goal is for the world to be more informed, better prepared and protected from this force of evil. Join us.”


Micah Smith

Technical Director


Silvia Videla

Operations Manager


Gary Walker

VP Business Development
Cyber Security Thought Leader