Aleks Nowak

CIO at Blockex

BlockEx is a next generation platform catering to digital assets. Aleks is a former Army officer with broad multi-disciplinary management expertise. A founding member of the UKDCA, he regularly speaks on blockchain to both commercial and consumer audiences. He has been involved in the crypto-currency space since 2011 having worked on numerous alternative currency and blockchain projects ranging from payment solutions through mining to the exchange space.

BlockEx is not in the business of picking winners in this burgeoning distributed ledger ecosystem, instead BlockEx is protocol agnostic, recognising that multiple blockchains can coexist; i.e. Bitcoin, Credits, Ethereum etc. Our role is to provide trading firms, governments and traders with access to the very best assets to trade, and platforms on which to create and issue their own digital assets.

Built to be regulator-friendly with compliant business models, BlockEx self-regulates where regulation does not exist and works with regulators where it does. We are focused on becoming the Trusted Authority in the new banking world, powered by distributed ledger and cryptographic-based securities.

The core of the BlockEx platform is the BlockEx Pooled Liquidity Exchange, a lighting quick HFT matching engine built to meet the needs of traditional banking institutions, governments retail trading, firms and retail traders. Its pooled liquidity matching engine provides trading firms access to an active trading environment at any level of required volumes.