What is Cyberhub Summit?

CyberHub Summit transforms knowledge into security. We educate executives and business owners of any technological background by centralizing global solutions and knowledge into one venue. We believe in order to protect your business from cyber threats, leadership should understand cyber security threats and solutions and gain this knowledge from world class experts.

Benefits of attending

  • World class educational experience provided by world renown cyber security leaders

  • Industry roundtables and networking activities with EXECUTIVE roles

  • Knowledge and takeaway’s necessary to protect your business from cyber threats

  • Reduced risk associated with running your business

What makes Cyberhub Summit Different?

There are tons of events and trade shows out there, almost one a week across the country. So, what makes CyberHub Summit any different? CyberHub Summit prides itself in being a unique event that focuses on educating executives and bringing DECISION MAKERS into one room for an experience that you can’t find at any other event. Whereas other companies draw a crowd of IT professionals, CyberHub Summit focus on making the business world a safer place from cyber-threats at the top level.