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Cyber Security, Digital marketing and the Evolving market.
Cyber Security, Digital marketing and the Evolving market.

It's time to open the discussion about ecommerce and cyber security. The reason being, that we face a rather stark reality in the commercial markets, one that changes with the times, as younger consumers mature or increase their buying power and we get closer to the third decade of the 21st century.

We have all realized by now that most sales cycles by necessity, involve and are dependent on the innovations of cyber technology. Whether you are using email marketing, sending a mass sms or marketing via Social media you will know by now that gaining the attention of increasingly influential millennials requires using multiple channels like text, chat, apps and videos.

The key word is 'personalization' and the better you are at it, the more likely you are to reach your audience.

Although we would argue that there is still a vital need for direct marketing and cold calling, traditional no-frills cold calling is waning in effectiveness, with most consumers, be they millennials or simply under 50 years old, giving cold calling little or none of their time.  

Not only that but although most of us still have one of those cute telephones that sit in our living rooms attached to the wall, we don't use them anywhere near as much as we used to.

This means that a higher level of customer personalization is needed is other areas and a different attitude to customer engagement.

Two of the newer channels: Smartphones and social media are the ways that sellers are getting a grip on this brave new virtual world which is opening up new revenues for sales opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Jim McGregor, an analyst at Tirias Research commented that "The smartphone is the most personal computing device that consumers have and use, and the one that most consumers always carry with them."

As our lives become more and more dependent on the IoTs, failure to use these marketing opportunities will become more and more pronounced, as we will lack the ability to communicate with our markets at every touch point.

Moving into untested territory is frightening for many companies; as the marketing spend seem to skyrocket exponentially with little or no immediate results.

This is largely due to the fact that many Digital Marketing professionals are not up to speed with how newer technologies work and a recent survey of over 2000 marketing professionals suggested that a mere 19 percent consider themselves familiar with how automation can move marketing campaigns.

Thirty nine percent still used email whilst only seventeen percent identified Social media as their most-used marketing tool. This is both amazing and shocking if you accept the fact that Twitter helped elect a President.

Then, there are the security concerns and fears which we all need to integrate into our automated heads and systems.

Whilst we contain all our client details in a Content Management System, principally on Wordpress or something similar, our hackers are one step ahead.

Wordpress sites are well-known and on the whole, not sophisticated; hackers can crack in and distribute malware to users. Please remember to get your security features heavily integrated into your database of names, contact details and anything else you are holding in your CMS.

For email marketers, cyber security is a major threat and hackers regularly find their way into email accounts and spread virus-infected emails. Most ISPs and many servers have been forced to set up spam filters to identify and block spammers based on the originating IP address.

If you aren’t able to stop the hackers your emails could be black-listed by hundreds of servers which would completely disable your campaigns.

Social Media campaigns are another opportunity for cyber threats as increasingly we are seeing malicious posts or embarrassing information splashed across Facebook that is designed to cripple companies or hold them to ransom.  

It's a rapidly developing cyber world out there and we suggest you start getting to grips with the newer marketing channels from every angle.

 Start with strong passwords, preventing spams, and avoiding hidden malware in add-ons or apps. Purchase software that gives strong security through encryption for all your email campaigns,

With unparalleled opportunities for profit growth, there are also sweeping and catastrophic concerns, start the ball rolling and get engaged.