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The Dark Trace Report: Removing human error.
The Dark Trace Report: Removing human error.

You’re probably wondering, with all of these cyber threats, how are we going to protect valuable businesses and data that we store online?

And what about internal leaks of information? Who can predict which frustrated employee may decide to leak a piece of code that could endanger thousands of people, workers or simply destroy your business interests?

Ok breathe…You aren't the only one who is worried. The Superheroes of the cyber world have come out to fight and there is good news on the virtually emerging horizon.

Software is being built, as we speak, with anti-hacking pen testing software utilizing the benefits of artificial intelligence. The software can not only stop cyber-attacks before they happen, but are also able to catch internal leaks.

One such company, called DarkTrace made the news last week when it raised $75 million with a $825 million valuation. According to TechCrunch, “DarkTrace has a total contract value of over $200 million, approximately 3,000 global customers and has bumped up 140% in annual growth over the past 12 months." The company holds a partnership with a leading cybertech firm in China called CITIC Telecom CPC; A partnership with BT in the UK and Telstra in Australia.

Not a bad start.

DarkTrace has a secret predictive weapon, derived entirely from A.I. Rewind back a few months and they successfully prevented an internal leak in a "not to be named" cyber tech company in Britain, alerting the company, before the employee could even leak the information. The software had detected the strange activity even though this staffer has never leaked anything before.

If at this point, you don't feel like you are living in the movie Minority Report, then you aren't following.   

DarkTrace calls its program Antigena, and it has been tested on numerous companies last year. It’s built in such a way that the more times the software has to learn a system, the more effective it becomes at detecting vulnerabilities and zero days. It takes the software approximately a month to learn the inner workings of each the company that it protects and an entire year to reach its peak power.

Giving both DarkTrace and their clients time to get to know each other and work hand-in-hand predicting future vulnerabilities and outsmarting future-leakers.

DarkTrace has had to add a few changes to the software, particularly regarding how it interacts with humans. Antigena now has a human confidence mode where it asks permission before going after the cyber threat that it has detected.

Also, the program can now explain how the threat came about and how it was spotted using animations. So, us simple humans could understand.

The idea was to create such a program that outsmarts all possible human cyber threats or errors out there. This includes the potential threat from A.I. systems such as themselves. DarkTrace is also building the software to counteract automated cyber-attacks that use artificial intelligence.

This is why the world is perking up and listening to cyber defense firms like Dark Trace. If we can develop AI fast enough to outmaneuver the hackers to prevent cyber-attacks before they happen then there is hope.

The more we rely on the internet of things and smart devices the more need we have for companies like DarkTrace