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The future flow of Start Up Ideas
The future flow of Start Up Ideas

The future flow of Start Up Ideas

The life cycle of promising ideas or Start-Ups pools close founders, venture capitalists, technology employees are part and parcel of how we now mold our business futures. Silicon Alley, Valley, Virginia and now Atlanta serve as growing hubs of increasing numbers of self-made multi-millionaires with one thing in mind, the next big Start-Up.

Whether or not being part of Start-Ups is an indefatigable obsession or worse, a bad habit, it's public knowledge that the biggest technologies we can all enjoy today have a Start-Up inception, for instance, Uber, Hadoop, Twitter, Google and Facebook.

The exciting part about cyber startups, like products, is that there are no right or wrong ideas, only incorrect timing, just ask MetaCafe, conceived and run simultaneously alongside Youtube with a second behind on timing, marketing and P.R. They sold to Digital talent agency back in 2012, for considerably less than total investment to date. Remember Quirky, the company that brought together consumer products, designers and inventors? No and neither does anyone else, over $185 mil invested and nothing to show.

The mainstream argument on why timing is important in starting a business could be a Start Up idea in itself! With technology exponentially persisting to be more immersive, intuitive, and faster, Start Ups are equally keeping up. Today, developments in data mining and analytics, advancements in AI and connectivity of everything (internet of things) among others have left room for exciting and scalable business ideas. Subsequent areas are hotspots for the coming decade.

Start Ups in Big data and Data science.

Dating back to 1960s, data science evolved from statistics based concepts of how inferences can be data based through to massive data collections and analysis with far stretching technology-based means, like A/B testing based methods and machine learning. With diversified sources of data, need for advanced analytics to make sense out of it, to package it for businesses and to use it for any markets related forecasting, has and will persist to create the need for big data-based startups. Organizations’ data strategy, big data choice and cloud technologies will determine the future’s ability to compete. Having an edge in this curve promises to reward in the near and far future. IoT, wearables, AI and machine learning are the drivers of this increase in data.

Start Ups in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI could be traced back to the graphics processing technologies of the 1990s. This technology founded the modern video game 3D graphics and fast developing V.R., or Virtual Reality. AI’s deep learning technology has a few similarities to the former. The ability of a computer to learn on its own is currently in data centers, 3D printing, autonomous automobiles, robotics and medical equipment. NVidia chips are the most used in the listed disciplines. However, affordable hardware-based machine learning boards are being produced today. AI accelerators have invited the attention of Internet-based giants such as IBM, Intel, Google, and Microsoft in preparing next-gen hardware for AI.

Such developments can have a great impact in the area of education, agriculture, transportation and communication among others. Being in the good side of such future is important.

Start Ups in Internet of Things (IoT)

Formerly, the internet was a web of interconnected compute and support based devices. However, IoT has revolutionized this to the interconnection of smart devices and things. Today, you can have your car autonomously driving itself, have a virtual home assistant that ensures groceries are always fresh by reminding you to restock, have a heart rate monitor that communicates with your doctor among others.

IoT is giving birth to a brave new utopian-like world where everything communicates with everything else. These IoT devices are platforms where a bridge between sensory information and data networks are created. More connectedness brings forth the arguments of security, privacy, and utility. IoT is an exponentially developing magnet for creativity and engineering solutions.

These three areas are the future wave of tech based Start-Up fields in 2017. With an excellent entrepreneurial mindset that is in the ballpark, organic business growth metrics, and timing based solutions, a startup may likely succeed if it will incorporate any or all of the trends.

The world of Start-Ups really is a place to "watch this space" and we can expect growth in every area. Keep abreast of Cyber news updates and happenings on