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Measuring Online Success in Billions
Measuring Online Success in Billions

Amazon and Google are in the midst of a pre-holiday scuffle.

After Amazon, who consistently refuses to sell Chromecast, added further insult to injury by removing the Google products, Nest Secure and E Thermostat from their listings, Google has responded in kind and removed YouTube from Fire products.

Amazon took its sweet time to release a Prime Video app for Android in the Google Play Store, only permitting this in 2017. Prior to this, users had to install Amazon’s own app store  and then install Prime Video, which still doesn’t support Chromecast.

As any married couple with different yet similar interests knows, the bitterness between Amazon and Google may start to hurt the kids. The kids, in this case, are the consumers, experiencing a tech market controlled from the top, and gaining the ugly, short end of the stick.

From January 1st, all past and present Amazon Fire TV purchasers will miss out on standardized YouTube video streaming, because Google said so. Apart from throwing their weight around and 'schooling' Amazon, whose sales will definitely be affected, YouTube viewers will start to feel betrayed come January, unless this is worked out quickly.

In a severe case of 'Who's your Daddy?' Google is teaching Amazon an expensive lesson, which could deal a fairly heavy handed blow to Christmas sales. By refusing to sell Google products and control consumer decisions Amazon has forced Google between a rock and hard place. Now, the quality of the Fire TV will inevitably drop from January 1st and Amazon may have to deal with the fallout of many, many unsatisfied and content-blocked customers expecting to return or be compensated for their Christmas goodies.

Isn't it better when we all just get along?

Of course it is and when two industry heavyweights bicker, we all get to feel the fallout. We would argue that had the two companies gone to court to deal with these issues, better results may have ensued, who knows.

The question we can ask and answer is, how important is all of this to us 21st century consumers, business owners and cyber minded folk?

The answer is, extremely important, as market changes when it comes to the tech giants are hugely significant.

In the same way we watch dips and curves across stock markets; we have to keep our eyes wide open when it comes to these guys, as these arguments are measured in billions of dollars.

Whilst Black Friday was quickly followed by the biggest Cyber Monday to date, U.S. online sales brought in over $6.59 billion in total, including $2 billion on mobile.

Guess which purchases proved to be the most popular? You got it, Google Chromecasts along with Roku devices, Apple iPads and Sony Playstation VR headsets. Amazon has kept its statistics quiet but commented that millions of Alexa enabled devices sold and the Echo spot has sold out.

Whilst your eyes are still bulging at the $2billion in Monday mobile sales, we can't stress enough how online and cyber related purchasers are literally taking over the market.

In fact, Cyber Monday's online sales are only surpassed by Alibaba's online Singles Day, increasingly successful internationally, currently most lucrative in Chin. Literally positioning itself as the Anti-Valentine's Day, Singles Day is a celebration of individualism, or not being in a relationship, or something similar. More recently and driven by the Billionaire founder, Jack Ma, it’s a convenient way to binge shop on November 11th.

Jack Ma plans to inject Chinas $4 trillion retail sector with technology and he is doing a great job. On Singles Day, 90% of transactions were via mobile, and Alibaba's processors processed 256,000 transactions per second.

Alibaba’s Singles Day’s did a tad better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday, pulling in $25.3 billion this year, with predictions from Citigroup that within the next year this may raise by a further 30%

So when the bigger boys in the tech industry start making waves with a tech industry literally covered in gold we should start listening