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Perimeterx – One to watch.
Perimeterx – One to watch.

The next time you order a pizza, Netflix movie, set an alarm or check your bank statement you may notice, there was no need to interact with a real human.  The automated task is an application designed to smooth line the process. These automated processes happen on hundreds of thousands of routine duties and these functional actors are known as bots, they do their masters bidding and they permeate multiple facets of our daily routine.

Unfortunately, Bots have a dark side and are utilized by various cybercriminals. From SPAM and SPIM bots that blast your inbox and chats with unsolicited info to Fraud bots trying to gain your financial info, we are being surrounded by an increasing army of malicious bots.

Fear not, it's time to fight

Rather than be overwhelmed by an army of cyber robots, let me introduce you to one of the many budding Start Ups in our line of defense, Perimeterx.

Perimeterx is a scalable, behavior-based threats protection technology provider for cloud, web and mobile. The platform offers security for media and enterprise IT infrastructures from bots, regardless of the size or scale. Hence, Perimeterx’ primary target is bot incursions. Perimeterx’ primary shielding targets malicious web behaviors and is fit for a huge variety of business web environments

The company fights bots with bots and offers products including bots (obviously), client-side-security, behavior-analytics and cyber-security tools.

How they do it

Based on behavior learning, Perimeterx’s bot defender keeps track of any traffic depicting anomalies, geared towards a client’s web infrastructure. This is achieved through behavior analysis and machine learning. Interestingly, they focus on threats that do not trigger security measures proactively established.

Targeted traffics are those invisible to WAF tools and signature-based detection. The bot defender will add a Java snippet to a client’s browser for sensor loading. The defender’s code is asynchronous, making it easy to set and quite light on the client’s compute resources. With continued usage, the bot defender will keep track of the browser’s activities, classifying normal and abnormal traffic on a dashboard.

Using remote detectors, a risk score is achieved real-time, for security insights. Enforcement is based on this insight based risk score leading to either blockage of a user or any other challenges.


The company was named a ‘Cool Vendor in the transformation of multichannel to unified retail commerce, 2017’ by Gartner Research Group. Some of the big-name clients include TheRealReal, Wix,, Upwork, IS, among others.

Funding Rounds

According to Crunchbase, Perimeterx has had three rounds of funding. The first was issued by Vertex Ventures back in 2015, with three investors involved and $9million. This was a series A funding. The second funding, a seed, was injected in the startup, by the same funder, same year, amounting to $2.5 million, this time reducing investors to two. The company’s latest funding dates back to 2016 that raised a huge $12million in Series A funding.

Market availability

With the company’s modelling, its primary targets are enormous enterprises, mid and small-size businesses with sensitive online presence. It supports a broad range of countries from Europe, USA and the Middle East.

If you thought such services would come with an outrageous price tag, then, you would be wrong because, Perimeterx will offer their full services for a trial, and after your satisfaction, scheduled subscriptions follow.

Perimeterx, is a shining example of one of the ways you as a company and individual can protect against cyber bot attacks.  Watch this space for more exciting Start Ups.