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The Truth Behind Social Engineering 1/3
The Truth Behind Social Engineering 1/3

My name is Karin Zalcberg and I am the Founder and CEO of CyberHub USA and today I want to write about a topic that is worldwide, breakthrough and painful – that is, “social engineering”.  This is the first edition in my 4-part Social engineering blog special. You will want to tune in for each of these.

First, allow me to define what social engineering is.

Social engineering is a concept in the field of information security. The central significance of social engineering is the unequivocal use of the psychological characteristics of human beings, those same characteristics that may bring us to comply with the requests of the hacker (the person breaking in).

Social engineering is a very noisy topic in the field of cyber warfare. A distressing fact, in my view, is that today people are the most complex organism in creation! We are creatures who are primarily motivated by a huge incessant pool of emotions and thoughts, some of which are not controllable, and therefore, wherever we do not control these points we are exposed to malicious manipulations that may be operated against us in order to expose our privacy and even to make blatant use of it to achieve illegal objectives!

Social engineering is among the most effective techniques today to invade your privacy, to extort you and your family, to use the information taken from you and to turn it into illegal marketable information on the Dark Net.  This process has long-term implications, it complicates your life entirely with the rehabilitation process and healing from such a situation being painful and prolonged.

So how do hackers operate the process of social engineering?

Hackers will make use of psychological consensus and temptations from daily life that can be expressed in the form of convincing texts by way of email, or a text message or even a phone call carried out by the hacker for this objective. Because of lack of examination or awareness of the user to the risk facing him the user will be tempted to click the link in the email or the text message or will be convinced by false information given him and will activate the virus that will begin breaking into the privacy of that same user.

Social engineering only sharpens the fact that it makes no difference how protected a system is, it can always be breached! There will always be a way for hackers to reach your information and the first way preferable to hackers always, and always, will be through the human element. We human beings are the initial screen most easily broken into, the most fragile, the most innocent and the most open for manipulation.

Any technology you install on your telephone or on your computer, as good as it is, will never really protect you from a course of planned social engineering that will come from the hacker, that same technology will not prevent human manipulation that hackers use against you in order to retrieve information from you!

In the next post I will share some great tips of how you can handle these threats!

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