Dvir Rubinshtein

Aviation Security Expert & Consultant



BA in Political Science, major in international relations.


Aviation Security Operation Center Manager (2007) –

Direct management of employees of the Division from the professional and administrative prospective.

Head of the operations center of aircrafts seeking to enter Israeli airspace. Providing professional solutions, implementing temporary instructions, intelligence and procedures among employees.

Apprenticeship and training of new employees in the professional field, operational issues and ongoing work.

Monitoring the professional level of employees includes supervision, certification and practice.

Conducting a briefing for Israeli and foreign air crews.Responsibility for the technology, computing and cyber issues at the Operations Center.

Operating the entire field of briefings, working with foreign entities and in Israel.

Responsibility for manpower recruitment to the Division. Conducting professional meetings with employees.

Professional and administrative personnel management includes 24-hour availability of the task and fulfillment of responsibility.

Conducting lectures in English as an expert in the field, at professional and management conferences around the world.

Trainings, inspections and work visits abroad for the approval of airline line / charter, airport approval and approval of "general aviation" companies

  • Responsible for all operational issues regarding aviation security operation center.
  • Responsible for all security clearance for flights that seeking to enter the Israeli FIR.

"ARKIA AIRLINES" & Israel Airport Authority (IAA) 2005-2007

Security Director

Eilat Airport (ETH) and Ovda Airport (VDA) 2002-2005

Head of Security Department/Regional Director.

Security Manager

  • Ben Gurion Airport (BGN) - Tel Aviv, Israel - Security Department.
  • EL - AL Airlines - Security Department around The world.

Military Service in Israeli Air-Force -IDF

Dvir Rubinshtein

Aviation Security Operation Center Manager

Security, Emergency & Cyber Department