Join up to 16 Georgia Tech cybersecurity start-ups and see the most talented minds in the state of Georgia.

Few universities can approach cybersecurity with the same breadth and depth as Georgia Tech. Few have the cooperation of top-tier academic researchers, plus 500 cybersecurity engineers inside a multimillion-dollar research division that is the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), and a deep history of supporting classified military, government, and law enforcement operations.

Under this unique combination of resources and skill, Georgia Tech is creating the next wave of cybersecurity solutions. Tech's grey hat hackers study how malicious black hats operate and adapt in order to help the white hats prepare for the next attack.

Seven units and 12 labs across Georgia Tech and GTRI are engaged in cybersecurity. With coordination by the Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP), faculty and students across a range of disciplines can connect to tackle new facets of the cybersecurity problem.

On Nov. 9 at the CyberHub Summit, come see emerging cybersecurity research by Georgia as well as student-led start-ups in formation now.